Application of filter press
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Chemical industry

Dyestuff, pigment, silica, Caustic soda, soda, brine sludge, black lead, saponin, zinc sulphate, manganese, ferric hydroxide, lithopone

Matallurgy&coal industry

Gold mine, silver ore, copper mine, zine ore, iron ore, cobalt ore, nicke ore, uranium ore, carbide slag, salt lime, raw coal, flotation tailings

Food industry

Maltose, brewers yeast, carrageenan, vegetable oil, gourmet powder, glucose, diastase, corn cream style, white wine, read wine, soy sauce, juice

Pharmacy industry

Amino acid, intermediates, Chinese patent drugs, blood products, bacteriophage, terramycin, berberin, aureomycin, calcium phytate, organophosphorus, saccharifyingenzyme, grouth hormone

Sewage industry

Printing&dyestuff sewage, tannery sewage, smelting sewage, brewing sewage, pharmacy sewage, plating sewage, chemical sewage, papermaking sewage, electrolysis sewage, mining sewage, dung sewage, port sludge

Non-metallic mineral 

Kaolin clay, swell soil, electrical ceramics, converter mud, granite flour, activated clay, porcelain clay, phosphorus ore, industrial sand