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PP membrane plate
PP membrane plate


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  • Reduce filter cake moisture content

  • Reduce filtration cycle time

  • Improve cake washing

  • Excellent elasticity and squeezing effect

  • Good chemical and fatigue resistances

  • Easy to replace the membranes and reduce the operation and maintenance costs of the equipment

  • High squeezing pressure 16bar with water under normal temperature

  • High filter temperature can accept;

Plate size(mm):

250*250, 630*630,800*800,  1000*1000,  1250*1250,  1500*1500,  1000*1500, 2000*2000

 We can produce the different and special size of the mould and plate according to the clients¡¯ requirement if the order quantity is favourable; 

Chamber thickness(mm) 20, 30, 35,  40,  45,  50


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