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CGR Plate
CGR Plate


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  • The filter cloth and plate embed the rubber ring, then embed the filter cloth into the filter plate, so it can eliminate the capillary leakage ,even cake washing.

  • Adopting the patent techniques, Moulding process the reinforced polypropylene into chamber plate featuring high intensity, light weight, anticorrosion, acid and alkaline resisant, poisonless and smelless

  • Filtrate discharge fast and clean

  • Lower moisture of cake

  • Simple structure, lower failure, easy maintenance

  • It particularly suits the pharmaceutical and some food industry.

CGR plate size(mm)400*400,    470*470,    500*500,    630*630,    800*800,    920*920,    930*930,    1000*1000,    1200*1200,    1250*1250,    1500*1500,    1600*1600,    1800*1800 

We can produce the different and special size of the mould and plate according to the clients¡¯ requirement if the order quantity is favourable; 

Chamber thickness(mm)

10,  15,  20,  25,  30,  35,  40

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