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* Adopting the patent techniques, Moulding process the reinforced polypropylene into chamber plate featuring high intensity, light weight, anticorrosion, acid and alkaline resisant, poisonless and smelless 

* The supporter is of welded steel structure with high strength for stress caused by cake weight and high pressure;

 * Adopting auto. hydraulic system(auto. open and closed) with auto. maintaining pressure system, auto. plate separate system(SIEMENS PLC control)and the max. pressure is 25Mpa to ensure the excellent sealing performance during filter; 

* Press the button on the electrical control board equipped with safe device to ensure safety to operators. 

Application:Solid-liquid seperation of suspensions of all kinds, prevent fruitful in a wide spectrum of industries such as coal, petrochemical, metallurgy, pharmaceutical, light industry, food processing and textile, as well as environmental protection. 

Filter area: 8.0-28.0m2   

Technical data

Filter area(m2)8.01012141618202528
Machine Length(mm)   2600    2760    2910     3120    3270    3420    3580    3985    4240

Note :

the standard thickness of filter cake is 30mm beofore squeezing, we can produce the different thickness according to the clients¡¯ requirement;

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